Neurogan 101 Pop Up

Today we hosted a Neurogan pop up! A short and sweet 2 hours to have all your questions answered, learning the huge benefits of CBD, while landing some awesome giveaways and samples!  In case you missed it, here is some serious background info on this progressive CBD brand now carried in-store and online:

In 2014, the Neurogan family discovered the infinite potential of the hemp plant and chose to begin growing a CBD-dominant strain of industrial hemp on the family farm in Denmark. Their journey began by crafting the highest quality organic CBD oil and capsules on the planet. After releasing these products, they've expanded their vision to create products that catered to the many needs and unique tastes of their customers and four legged family members.

Anti-inflammatory, aids sleep and anxiety; each of Neurogan's products have been designed from the ground up with ultimate wellness in mind, from seed to shelf.

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